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Tips/Topics of the Month




Smoking & oral health.

Nicotine in tobacco reduces blood flow to the gums & bone.  This means that smoking can mask the signs of disease & also reduces the body's ability to combat any infection. 

Nicotine also affects saliva. Smokers often have a thicker, more viscous saliva which is not as effective in protecting teeth from acid attack. So often patients who smoke can have decayed teeth despite the fact that they may brush their teeth well

Chemicals in smoke combined with plaque bacteria affect the health of the gums & supporting bone around teeth. As such smokers are 6 times more likely to have serious gum disease. This may lead to loose teeth that eventually will need to be extracted.   

Smoking though, can hide the signs of gum disease for many years & only once it has become advanced does the person become aware of it.

Besides causing damage to the teeth & gums, smoking is still the biggest risk factor for contracting oral cancer. 

If you are concerned about a lesion in your mouth or on your lips it is imperative that you see your health professional to get it checked out as the consequences of leaving a lesion could be fatal










Dental Erosion

Dental erosion or erosive tooth wear is caused by acid contacting & dissolving the tooth surface.

The outer protective layer of enamel dissolves which exposes the underlying dentine which can lead to tooth sensitivity. Dentine is softer than enamel so with further exposure to acid the dentine dissolves even more rapidly.

Prevention is very important for protecting the teeth.

The acid usually comes from food or drink.

Common sources of acid:

·         Soft drinks

·         Energy or sport drinks

·         Vinegar

·         Citrus fruits

·         Fruit juices

·         Cordially

·         Some alcoholic drinks

·         Sweets & lollies

·         Stomach acid – reflux


Avoiding acidic food or drink is the best way to prevent dental erosion.

Otherwise if having acidic food or drink try to have it at meal times when saliva levels are higher.  Eat low acid fruits eg bananas, melons, pears rather than having fruit juice.

If you suffer from reflux, rinse your mouth with water, plain milk or a fluoride mouth rinse.

Brush your teeth twice a day using a soft toothbrush.